Summer is an exciting time at Educare and we enjoy creating stimulating and fun-loving activities to inspire, motivate and encourage children to learn, bond and succeed academically. Our intensive summer courses offer enriching programmes for children of all ages, backgrounds and key stages, regardless of ability, and aims to empower them through fun-filled activities to exceed academic limitations in an exciting and joyful environment. The courses we cover are based on Maths, English and Science subjects with lots of arts, crafts, physical activities and debates.

Why your child should attend our summer coursers:

  • The benefits of attending our summer courses are far reaching. Out of the multitudes of benefits, below is just a few.
  • We’ve seen children who attend our summer courses develop an increase in their self-confidence because they’ve been able to access their true potential.
  • Children develop their verbal and written language skills as well as vocabulary.
  • Children become more curious, creative and self-reliant after attending our summer courses.
  • We’ve seen an increase in the improvement of children’s grades due to our innovative programmes that help strengthen their knowledge base in the subject matter.
  • Our intensive and stimulating learning environment means children are able to gain a solid academic grounding in their chosen subject.

Children who attend our summer courses simply love it as they learn new skills and make tangible progress just by having fun. Our Summer courses usually run between June and August every year and specific dates are published in May of every year. Don’t let your child develop a knowledge gap during the summer break. Register your interest now and get our early bird offer.