Now that you’ve decided to experience how we can help your child succeed academically, it is important that you understand what an initial assessment entails and why it is important that your child takes this first step to their learning programme.

As a strategic tuition, we formulated the Initial assessment to identify a child’s learning and support needs so that we can design an individual learning plan that focuses on areas that require improvement. This means that an honest and successful completion of your child’s initial assessment combined with their age, key stage and ability will determine what areas our tutors will focus on. An initial assessment is successful when the results clearly define the child’s learning and support needs.

It is important that we perform this assessment prior to your child joining us because the results help us to identify academic goals that your child needs to achieve. The results also help us to review their progress at regular intervals and provide constructive feedback. Furthermore, we’ve found from previous experience that conducting an initial assessment for children promotes cooperation between them and their tutor.

We hope that you now understand the importance of initial assessment. This service is free of charge and a great way to find out how best we can help your child.