We understand that by choosing to study with us you are making a big financial commitment. And so, we want you to know that our prices are very competitive for the outstanding value we offer as testified by our existing customers.

  • Admission Fee £20/Child (Non-refundable) Discount Available for family.
  • We provide all FREE resources designed according to National CURRICULUM from Reception till GCSE.
  • Booster Lessons Available for 11+, SATS and GCSE students.
  • Mock Test Available for 11+ Students

What you get for the price you pay:

  • Individual attention and support to your child
  • High-quality lessons that support and build on the national curriculum.
  • Continuous assessment that helps motivate students
  • Professional experienced Tutors who are experts in the subjects they tutor.
  • Aesthetically and stimulating classroom learning environment
  • Healthy and safe socio-emotional learning environment
  • Carefully planned and engaging lessons
  • Constructive Feedback provision after each lesson
  • Personalised meetings with parents
  • High-quality educational study materials
  • Two-hour lessons