The 11 plus Maths topics will cover core skills taught throughout Key Stage 2, including a large majority of National Curriculum guidelines for Year 6. Therefore, there may be topic areas in the 11 plus exam that children may not have been taught in great detail at primary school, or may not yet have come across before when revising

As the 11plus is designed to measure a child’s academic potential at a level beyond the general standard expected, it is important that your child is coping well with their school class work and homework, before starting their 11+ preparation.

For example, children are expected to have a confident grasp of 11+ Maths topics such as:

Algebra Speed, Distance & Time Ratios
Multiplying/Dividing Fractions, Percentages & Decimals Place Value
Problem Solving

Children also need to demonstrate their ability to tackle Maths topics such as those mentioned above, within worded problem questions. Problem solving quite often features as a section of its own in the 11 plus exam. The aim is to put a child's Maths skills into practice and usually includes questions which are based on real life situations (e.g. baking a cake, calculating travel times, working out the new price of an item after discount). Worded problem solving can be challenging, as this often contains multiple-step questions.

As the entry standard of grammar schools remains consistently high across the country, it is important that your child not only has a good knowledge of the core topic areas, but excellent speed and accuracy skills too.

Regardless of whether your child is sitting the GL Assessment or CEM 11+, Maths skills are essential. Our mock tests cover all maths topics which are essential for 11+ entrance exam.

Please note that the information on this page was believed to be accurate at the time of publication.

However, Educare11plus always recommends checking with the individual school websites or contacting your local consortium of grammar schools before acting upon any information given.

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