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What is the 11 plus?


About 11 plus

The 11 plus is a set of entrance exams taken by children at the beginning of Year 6 when applying to selective grammar or independent schools

What is included in the 11plus exam?

The 11plus entrance exams may include sections in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR). Many independent school entrance exams will also include a creative writing task

Although the high entry standard of the 11+ exam remains consistent across the country, the approach can differ. However, many schools currently test Maths, Verbal Skills (which includes aspects of English and Verbal Reasoning) and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Before embarking on your 11plus journey, we recommend consulting your local consortium of grammar schools, local education authority website or contacting the school directly to find out the specific subjects required for your local grammar school.

Is the 11plus right for my child?

  • Preparing for the 11plus entrance exam is a unique journey, with each child progressing at different speeds with individual goals. However, before starting out, it is important to manage expectations regarding whether or not the 11plus route is right for your child.
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