We teach children of all ages, backgrounds and key stages, regardless of ability, and empower them to exceed academic limitations. We also help students prepare for Common Entrance Examination papers at 11+ and 13+, SAT Subject Tests, GCSE and A-Levels.

In order to effectively help students studying with us, we have designed 6 packages that reflect levels of learning difficulties in children so as to connect the relevant students with the right tutor expert. These needs are usually identified during your child’s first initial assessment. That is why we encourage parents to take this step prior to enrolling their children with us. We have also provided a brief description of how we approach such difficulties.

Congratulations! if your child’s first initial assessment identified any of the above needs. This means that we can effectively solve the problem and bring your child up to an excelling academic level with no worries. If, however, your child’s first initial assessment did not identify any of the above needs, there’s no cause for alarm. We have proven record for providing a solution to any academic difficulties or needs any child may have. We’re passionate about helping children in dire need of academic improvement and pursue every possible avenue to ensure they excel academically. Secure your child’s place now, book a free assessment or enrol online today!