Educare supports the computing framework which sets standards for the learning, development and skilling of children across multi-dimensional computing technologies that are highly relevant to the latest technology standards. To ensure that children at Educare learn and develop well, we design computer training programmes to help them develop the foundation of knowledge, skills and understanding required to benefits from latest technologies.

Through this course, your child will be able to carry out independent research and studies which is a crucial skill to have early on to succeed in the rapidly changing and advancing technological age.

At Educare, we believe that every child is unique, and develops and learns well differently in enabling environments. This is why our educational programmes contain activities and experiences designed to develop our children in areas including:

Introduction to Computing

  • Software Basics &Computing Concepts
  • Operating Systems
  • Understanding Inputs and Outputs Devices
  • Software Installation
  • Network Components
  • Computer Security

MS Office

  • Microsoft Office Installation
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft EXCEL
  • Microsoft One Note
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Power Point (Presentation Skills)
  • Microsoft Outlook


  • Internet Research for Student Self-Learning
  • Email Communication
  • Web Browsing
  • Internet Account Management
  • Internet Security & Risks
  • Understanding Computer Networks
  • Python Programming
  • Web Development Programming
  • JAVA Programming
  • Scratch Programming