A-Level Maths

What we cover in A-Level Maths Tuition?

We provide A-Level Maths tutoring for all modules including the A-Level Further Maths modules.We are very proud of the 100% A* / A Grade success rate at A-Level Mathematics, considering we will accept any student regardless of ability.

Students will learn methods which will help with their A-Level Maths exam, by using, applying, consolidating and reinforcing learning. Students are also taught to independently research different aspects of A-Level Maths to develop and extend their knowledge.

Our A-Level Maths training sessions are designed to ensure that students grasp the new topics they are learning and to help fill in any gaps or weaknesses in their knowledge. We also help them to get prepared for their exams with plenty of practice and revision of exam techniques and methods for answering the questions.

Our A-Level Maths and Further Maths training sessions are:

  • Completely tailored to your learning style and learning needs, taught by highly experienced and dedicated tutors with a proven track record
  • Highly focused on exam technique and how to answer the tricky questions
  • Designed to ensure children achieve above 90% to score the A* Grade
  • Inclusive of a progress report after each session
  • Proven to improve children perform in their other A-Level subjects.

A-Level Science

What we cover in A-Level Science Training?

We provide A-level Science training that allows our students to achieve exemplary academic performance including A / A* grades in Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

We, at Educare, believe that Science can only be taught when interest and curiosity of the student is well-stimulated. To ensure this, we employ only the best tutors that enable children to understand complex concepts of both natural and artificial sciences, building a powerful foundation for the student to enhance future prospects in multiple disciplines.

A-levels Biology

We can observe biology everywhere in life around us. Our tuition allows students to develop a keen interest in this science of life and its phenomena, work harder as a result, and ultimately score higher grades than their schoolfellows.

A-levels Chemistry

Chemistry tuition sparks interest in our students about their material surroundings. Why does matter behave in a certain way? Our students grasp these ideas better with the aid of our experienced chemistry tutors.

A-levels Physics

Our physics tuition ensures students are excited and easily understand laws of nature and physical objects, which form the heart of many technological advancements today.

GCSE and A level subjects are taught from the curriculums specified by the all of the major exam boards: Edexcel, AQA, OCR and WJEC.