At Educare, we are passionate about reading and believe a child who develops the passion to read paves the way for their greatness. As a result, we offer an appealingly inviting reading environment that provides an optimal atmosphere for learning to ensure that children of all ages, backgrounds and key stages, regardless of ability, at Educare tap into the greatness of reading. We have exciting reading plans that encourage children to engage in discussions, express themselves, their opinions, understanding, likes and dislikes about different themes. Our age-appropriate books cover all core areas including comprehension, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling and essay writing skills to encourage children to be passionate readers, and acquire critical thinking skills, discussion skills and logical skills.

We have specialist tutors trained to creatively engage children who are reluctant readers and develop those who are talented. Our specialist tutors also work with children to sustain reading recovery and provide support for their transition from primary to secondary school.

Children who attend our reading club simply love it as they learn new reading skills and develop their confidence to read even more widely just by having fun. Our reading club runs daily and times can be obtained by contacting our office. Support your child to read by registering your interest now.